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28th-Feb-2012 10:46 am - Blitz Talk XXX:
Buried deep in the recesses of the previous chaos realm lies a notebook, it's contents unseen until now. The following is the unpublished Blitz Talk XXX, assembled before the chaos shift from less than a year ago.
Blitz Talk XXX: <Interview with adjective describing Jecht here)

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20th-Aug-2011 06:22 pm - Corneo's Return
Helllllllllllooooo ladies and lady-lovers!

After a quick sexcation, I have returned to my beautiful store! Things are going amazing as always! Employees are putting in long, hard, throbbing hours and the store looks great! One teeny problem though, it seems there might be a few more robberies than normal, and I'm not talking about stealing hearts and glances. It seems that Wal*Market has a bit of a trust issue going on. The people in my store all seem a bit too trusting lately. Employees have not been properly monitoring customers and they have been walking off with merchandise like a man walking away from his sexcation with STDs.

Not only are there thefts, but employees continue to trust other employees to do their jobs properly and there is a lot of loafing around. An employee even broke her beautiful leg when she trusted a superior to watch her ladder while she adjusted the sign. He looked up her skirt as always, instead of holding the ladder (too busy holding his ladder, hohihohihohi) and she fell. Normally, the ladies know not to trust me--err, him--to hold their ladder, but they're so trusting!

This is excellent for my sexcapades, but terrible for business. But, I trust you all to take care of this little problem! Carry on!
20th-Aug-2011 06:11 pm - NORG's Return
NORG has returned and he is not pleased. The list created by his moomba underling were actually 98% falsified (he did have the big piano idea), and nobody is entirely sure what happened. NORG still trusts Shoe, believing the list to have been altered by somebody else.

NORG's distrust is affecting the state of the mall where there is a strange aura of distrust in the air. It seems many of the mall employees and frequent mall guests are experiencing extreme paranoia that grows more as the person stays within the mall's walls. Customers visiting only once or twice a week are generally uneffected, but employees are becoming extremely paranoid. But the paranoia is not random. This aura is causing each person's own paranoia to be multipled to extreme proportions, and since we all know that multiplication by zero is zero, any unexisting paranoia does not increase.

Each person not only has their own things to be paranoid about, such as customers that might be stealing or boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses that might be cheating, but they also have their own degrees of paranoia, so those with high levels of pre-existing paranoia are going to increase in paranoia much more rapidly than others.

Mathematical Example:
An existing paranoia level of 4 would double in a timespan of say, two hours, becoming a paranoia level of 8.
An existing paranoia level of 0.2 would double in two hours, becoming a paranoia level of 0.4.
An existing paranoia level of 9,000 would double in two hours and become...well....over 9,000!

So, now you get it. Paranoia is growing supernaturally in the mall, feeding on your insecurities. And all those rules Shoe implemented are gone (though NORG did leave the big piano out in front of the downstairs entrance to o'aka's).
12th-Jul-2011 01:58 am - Arena Q&A
pencil portrait
Although Cecil has the most extensive knowledge of the Arena, having worked there a considerable amount of time himself, he is currently busy with the preparations of the upcoming tournament.  As such, he has delegated the duty of answering anybody's questions to me, and I am happy to oblige and share my knowledge as best I can.

If you have any questions about Arena mechanics, how certain abilities work, gambits, or just want some strategic advice, please post it here and I will do my best to answer them.

OOC: If it's containing a bit of sensitive character setup/gambits that you don't want revealed, PM me and try to explain your question with the minimum information needed to answer your question, so as to keep your information hidden as much as possible.  However, if it's a general question, post it here - it might be helpful to others!

The Arena Character Builder excel file has been updated to reflect the changes to the Arena.  It can be downloaded here:  

Edit: The above link has now been updated to also include automatic code string creation which can be copy/pasted directly in Bob's preferred format, thus saving you more time and effort!

Edit 2: The additional AP and BP columns now correctly deduct 25 exp instead of 50 per point.  You'll have to redownload the file to correct this however.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
Cecil Shop (SoE)
We're currently under a lot of water, but The Arena is going to have its first ever (*cough*) Singles Tournament! The tournament will begin in exactly one week on July 18, so you have that long to get your stats in order! You'll all be considered newbies for this tournament, so you will all begin with 1000 EXP, which could potentially mean starting at Level 10.

For information about the way The Arena works, please visit the website: http://arena.goatpen.org/ You should begin by reading the "How to Play" section, then I suggest checking out the latest three sections: Equipment, Abilities, and Level-Up. All three need to be balanced properly to fight to your best potential. Take great notice of the Level-Ups, as now all Level-Ups include AP and BP.

Cecil's Recommendations: Do not buy individual AP or BP unless you really need an extra point or two. For this tournament, I would pile all 1000 EXP into Level-Ups. You need good stats to compete, so even though you can get some major AP by using 100 EXP to get 4 AP (they now cost only 25 EXP), it will mean your general stats like defense, magic, and speed are below the average. Also, consider that each Level-Up includes 3 AP/BP, so you're basically getting a lot of stats for only 25 EXP more. Think about it.

Registration: You only need to register by commenting on this post. If you would like to compete, you only need to submit your name(s). You do not have to register yourself, either. You may register your friends as well, I just need names (OOC: Meaning you don't have to comment with each character if you don't want to).

Preparations: When you have decided your fighting style (OOC: Gambits, equipment, etc), please submit them to The Arena privately (OOC: Send them to me, Bob, on forum PM, via AIM, or e-mail). You may make them public (OOC: Put them in the comments here or on the forum), but you are encouraged to keep them private.

Combat Help: Beatrix is being forcefully volunteered to create a post where you can ask her questions about possible fighting combinations (OOC: if you're up for it, Count, but I thought you'd enjoy it). She is a powerful warrior and can help you to perfect your style, so you can ask her questions on the post she will make shortly. I will help field questions as well. By doing this, you have a slight disadvantage, since people will be able to see your battle style, but a major advantage by not coming into the tournament with a weakness.

We hope to see many of you there. Remember, it may hurt when it happens, but it's 100% safe...well, 91% safe (legally obligated to state that) and you'll walk out injury-free....91% of the time. It's fun to watch, good fun to compete, and excellent for profit...err, whatever. And as a reminder: anybody that works at the mall can enter with no restriction, but we will not be the only ones competing (OOC: Each player can create up to 4 NPCs to participate as well, but register the NPCs on the forums; there is a thread).
8th-Jul-2011 11:14 am - WAL*MARKET EVENT
Helllllllooooo ladies and lady-lovers! A quick update to my employees and customers! It seems Wal*Market is experiencing a bit of a drought lately. A lot of one in fact. All of our water pipes are completely empty. Not to worry though, because ol' Donny-Baby has a solution to everything! Since we're technically not allowed to operate without water, I'm brought in strippers! Who would try to shut us down when we have women taking their clothes off in the aisles? Not I, that's for sure! Hohihohihohihohi!

So while you may not be able to wash your hands, use the toilet, drink refreshing water, do whatever McDoned's uses water for, or clean anything in the store, there are nude ladies! Every fifteen minutes, we're killing the lights, hitting the strobes, and every aisle with on a multiple of three is going to have a woman stripping! She gets dressed quickly, so catch the shows while you can! After the show, they go back to work!

And...for the women and fruit-flies, we have on man stripping in the children's toys aisle. He's a beautiful man though. Corneo knows how to pick a sexy human, regardless of gender! He just prefers certain parts to others...most of the time. Hohihohihohihohi!

I'll be in the security booth if anybody needs me. Don't tell anybody, but all the security cameras focus on every third aisle. Hohihohihohihohihohihohi!
7th-Jul-2011 04:16 pm - MALLBORO EVENT
It's raining, it's pouring, it's....inside the mall? Nobody is quite sure why, but there are giant, black storm clouds in the stores on the second floor of the mall. All stores on the second floor are being hit by large amounts of rain, and the dang rain never stops! Cover the merchandise! Quick!

First floor stores are safe then, right? PSH, yeah right! NORG never considered a rainstorm IN the mall! There's very little drainage in the mall, so while the first floor is generally rain-free, the rain is rolling out of the second-floor stores and over the ledge, where it is pooling on the first floor. It started out neat when the mall looked like it had fancy waterfalls installed on all the ledges of the second floor, but when the water didn't go anywhere, the flooding began. So it's a shower on the second floor and a bath on the first!

A little water never hurt anybody though, right?
14th-May-2011 06:26 pm - World Reboot: Part 2
The bus has finally come to take those waiting at the portals into the world. The world, however, is not as it was. Due to the time compression, the entire world has experienced several years in what felt to the characters as only a couple weeks. During the time compression, the Void caused some strange world-melding that caused technologies from all the different worlds to blend into the Chaos Realm. People began to band together as one, initially, but as ideas for a central form of government began to develop, the people became divided and instead created their own empires. There are now four large cities: Calamity, Prosperity, Augury, and Nirvana.

The inhabitants of this world have never heard of a shopping mall. None of the cities have a mall and the cities rarely sell anything outside their city's cultural norms. NORG has been in the Chaos Realm for awhile, though not as long as some inhabitants, and has been constructing a large building in the center of the three stationary cities. Many cities are curious about this new structure that is built outside any city's limits, but they are generally too concerned with their own affairs to investigate.

Your Task:

With the mall still closed, your characters are now free to explore the different cities and establish their homes. In this new world, there are not specific Apartments-types. Now, your characters are free to find any type of housing (house, apartment, box in an alley, etc.) in any of the four cities. See the Locations section of the website for more information on each of these cities. If desired, characters can live outside of all cities; it is entirely up to you.

The mall will be opening soon, so keep your eyes open. For now, find some housing and explore the world! Only one more section till the reboot is complete!
7th-May-2011 02:30 pm - World Reboot: Part 1
The combination of time compression and the Void has caused the Chaos Realm to collapse in on itself and scatter its residents everywhere. The Void began to merge with other worlds to consume them all into one location, however, due to the presence of the crystals, the worlds were unable to fully merge. The consumed cities were copied to the Chaos Realm in the same general location, causing most of the cities and technology to be ruined. This location became known as The Dump.

During the merge, several random people (unnamed, unimportant people) were also transported to the realm. As so many came from such different backgrounds, several factions began to form. The factions divided themselves and took control of the major cities that remained. Once in control of the different ghost towns of the world, the factions began taking parts from The Dump and building their own societies based on those towns. With the world still time compressed, this work took centuries, but to those outside the compression it was mere seconds.

The compression finally ended when the factions each uncovered one of the Light Crystals and restored them to power. This caused each of the factions to gain tremendous power and develop their own civilizations, while also causing the destruction of the time compression and the Void. With these gone, the portals to the different worlds were ripped open once again and access to the Chaos Realm is once again possible!

============= What To Do =============

At this point, people can re-enter the Chaos Realm, but they cannot actually reach the mall just yet (we'll get there; just have patience). The portals to the Chaos Realm are all centered in a large desert and people enter at completely random locations. All the people can see is that there is a large tower located in the center of the desert, which they can begin to migrate toward. The entire desert is surrounded by uncrossable mountains except at one point, which is well-guarded by immigration. Your goal at this point is to reach the tower, known as the "Crystal Tower." Once at the tower, you will be able to find food, water, lodging, and purchase a bus ticket that will (eventually) take you to Mallboro. But for now, this is a mini-event and further passage will be allowed soon (I'll announce that in "World Reboot: Part 2").
3rd-May-2011 04:13 pm - World Wipe: Part 4 (Final Part)
The world was saved thanks to Laguna.

.....Not really. It was actually saved because of Ultimecia, but Laguna helped. Also the Light Warriors. And the Dark Warriors. MOVING ON!

Ultimecia's time compression contained the altered battle between Chaos and Cosmos and gave the powers to seal Chaos and Cosmos away, but in the process, the Cloud of Darkness struck and summoned the powers of the dreaded Void. The crushing powers of the Void mixed with the strange time-compressed world caused a terrible effect on the Chaos Realm. The skies turned black and the chaos swept in more than ever. Entire walls turned into rubber duckies and the ground turned to what seemed to be oil. Everybody everywhere was sucked into darkness.

Then, everything turned green. Beneath the chaos, the lifestream mixed with the mist from a large tree's roots. As the people streamed for their eventual doom, a large entity known as Sin, who was possessed by Zeromus and guided by the Occuria, swam through the lifestream and sucked up every single person. As this happened, each person was suddenly transported to a random world.

THE IMPORTANT PART: All of your characters have been transported to a random world. They may have landed in their original world or they may not have (up to you). For the next couple days, feel free to post about either returning to their own world or landing in a strange new world. After a couple days, Mallboro will begin again, only kinda...different.
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