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Mallboro's Current Events
8th-Jul-2011 11:14 am
Helllllllooooo ladies and lady-lovers! A quick update to my employees and customers! It seems Wal*Market is experiencing a bit of a drought lately. A lot of one in fact. All of our water pipes are completely empty. Not to worry though, because ol' Donny-Baby has a solution to everything! Since we're technically not allowed to operate without water, I'm brought in strippers! Who would try to shut us down when we have women taking their clothes off in the aisles? Not I, that's for sure! Hohihohihohihohi!

So while you may not be able to wash your hands, use the toilet, drink refreshing water, do whatever McDoned's uses water for, or clean anything in the store, there are nude ladies! Every fifteen minutes, we're killing the lights, hitting the strobes, and every aisle with on a multiple of three is going to have a woman stripping! She gets dressed quickly, so catch the shows while you can! After the show, they go back to work!

And...for the women and fruit-flies, we have on man stripping in the children's toys aisle. He's a beautiful man though. Corneo knows how to pick a sexy human, regardless of gender! He just prefers certain parts to others...most of the time. Hohihohihohihohi!

I'll be in the security booth if anybody needs me. Don't tell anybody, but all the security cameras focus on every third aisle. Hohihohihohihohihohihohi!
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