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Mallboro's Current Events
NORG's Return 
20th-Aug-2011 06:11 pm
NORG has returned and he is not pleased. The list created by his moomba underling were actually 98% falsified (he did have the big piano idea), and nobody is entirely sure what happened. NORG still trusts Shoe, believing the list to have been altered by somebody else.

NORG's distrust is affecting the state of the mall where there is a strange aura of distrust in the air. It seems many of the mall employees and frequent mall guests are experiencing extreme paranoia that grows more as the person stays within the mall's walls. Customers visiting only once or twice a week are generally uneffected, but employees are becoming extremely paranoid. But the paranoia is not random. This aura is causing each person's own paranoia to be multipled to extreme proportions, and since we all know that multiplication by zero is zero, any unexisting paranoia does not increase.

Each person not only has their own things to be paranoid about, such as customers that might be stealing or boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses that might be cheating, but they also have their own degrees of paranoia, so those with high levels of pre-existing paranoia are going to increase in paranoia much more rapidly than others.

Mathematical Example:
An existing paranoia level of 4 would double in a timespan of say, two hours, becoming a paranoia level of 8.
An existing paranoia level of 0.2 would double in two hours, becoming a paranoia level of 0.4.
An existing paranoia level of 9,000 would double in two hours and become...well....over 9,000!

So, now you get it. Paranoia is growing supernaturally in the mall, feeding on your insecurities. And all those rules Shoe implemented are gone (though NORG did leave the big piano out in front of the downstairs entrance to o'aka's).
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