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Mallboro's Current Events
Corneo's Return 
20th-Aug-2011 06:22 pm
Helllllllllllooooo ladies and lady-lovers!

After a quick sexcation, I have returned to my beautiful store! Things are going amazing as always! Employees are putting in long, hard, throbbing hours and the store looks great! One teeny problem though, it seems there might be a few more robberies than normal, and I'm not talking about stealing hearts and glances. It seems that Wal*Market has a bit of a trust issue going on. The people in my store all seem a bit too trusting lately. Employees have not been properly monitoring customers and they have been walking off with merchandise like a man walking away from his sexcation with STDs.

Not only are there thefts, but employees continue to trust other employees to do their jobs properly and there is a lot of loafing around. An employee even broke her beautiful leg when she trusted a superior to watch her ladder while she adjusted the sign. He looked up her skirt as always, instead of holding the ladder (too busy holding his ladder, hohihohihohi) and she fell. Normally, the ladies know not to trust me--err, him--to hold their ladder, but they're so trusting!

This is excellent for my sexcapades, but terrible for business. But, I trust you all to take care of this little problem! Carry on!
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