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Mallboro's Current Events
Blitz Talk XXX:  
28th-Feb-2012 10:46 am
Buried deep in the recesses of the previous chaos realm lies a notebook, it's contents unseen until now. The following is the unpublished Blitz Talk XXX, assembled before the chaos shift from less than a year ago.
Blitz Talk XXX: <Interview with adjective describing Jecht here)

Welcome back to Blitz Talk! We are on our thirtieth edition. With the All Star game recently over, it's time to talk to the man who brought Blitzball to Mallboro!

   LC: Welcome back to Blitzball! Please state your name, usual team, and playing position.
The GREAT Jecht, captain of Sublimely Magnificent 7, left forward. 'Course, anybody who knows anythin' about blitzball should know 'bout me!

  LC: I think we definitely know all about you.
What was your reasoning for joining the Mallboro All Star Team?

: Well, there were two reasons. One, I was in a goddamn holdin' cell in Great Mallboro and wasn't about to let my freedom be decided by a team of amateurs. Two, even if I wasn't fightin' for my own freedom, you really think anybody else coulda won that game for us? No. Four goals, all scored by me. Without me, best anyone coulda hoped for was a tie, and then it'd just end up in an endless cycle of rematches til either our guys lost, or they begged me to join their team.

  LC: While the chances of a couple other players winning is a possibility we did have the best shot with you. However,
this was not your usual group of teammates. Did you trust them?

  Jecht: I've played with Faris before, and while she ain't the toughest defender out there, she managed to grasp the concept of passin' me the ball at any opportunity for an easy win, so I trusted her to at least do that. As for the rest of 'em, well, I guess they were the least incompetent team I coulda had. Lucrecia has a pretty fine pass, amongst other things, so I was happy to have her in the midfield.

 LC: Those two tend to play well together. The team won so everyone did what they needed to do. Since the game came up on short notice and wasn't under league or tournament play,
did you prepare differently for this game then for previous ones?

Well, yeah, primarily because I was in a crappy little cell and didn't have access to a pool or even a goddamn ball. Pretty much just did stretches and jogged on the spot each day to work on my stamina and keep my legs in shape.

 LC: That's all you have to say? Nothing about your skills being so great that no practice was no problem? Must be having a humble day... Anyways, Chaos vs. Cosmos war:
Who do you think will win this war?

Cosmos, 'cause I'm on her side. She has a FINE rack, heh heh! One day I'm gonna get me a feel of those divine titties, even if it means winnin' the war single-handed.

 LC: Now you sound like yourself!
You are used to being in charge of the team. How was not being in charge different?

I ain't a guy who's about to take orders from some old guy who ain't even from my world, but lucky for me he only really focused on teamwork from the midfield back. Guess he was smart enough to realise he ain't exactly gonna be able to tell either me or Lani what to do. Hell, Lani won't even listen to me, and there ain't nobody with more blitzin' knowledge than the Great Jecht. I'd have personally liked another good mid-field type like Celes up front in place of Lani since I'm the only striker the team needed, but I guess it still ended well.

 LC: I'm sure Lani will love you even more after reading that. Speaking of Celes, where is she? If those gates hadn't closed she would have followed me when I took her medicine. Oh, sorry! Back to business.
Anything else you would like us to know?

Look out for a return to blitzball in a big new way in the future. Got some big announcements to make, but I ain't gonna say stuff 'til it's all worked out and finalised. Spread the hype!

<Add closing remarks and signature.>

29th-Feb-2012 02:01 am (UTC)
Hey hey HEY! You ain't got no closin' remarks about me? What the hell man!? Most guys ain't got enough words in their vocabulary to describe how goddamn great I am!
29th-Feb-2012 02:05 am (UTC)
OOC: Technically this one was never released and that's why it's in the state it's in. If you look at the header before the title, it's actually in the world before we reset it last May so it will probably never see the light of day in the current or future realm. I put it up for posterity and a way of ending Locke's former obligations.
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