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Mallboro's Current Events

Mallboro - A Final Fantasy RP
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The worlds are saved and wouldn't you know it? Nobody gives a damn who "saved the world" or "nearly destroyed it." All they care about is how you pay the rent! And since saving the world doesn't pay the bills, apparently they'll all have to get jobs at the local shopping mall! This mall, which was named "Mallboro" is owned and maintained by the Final Fantasy 8 Garden Master NORG.

Eligible Characters

Name a character that appeared in a Final Fantasy. Yep, s/he's eligible! Good thing there's affirmative action! Now humans, rat-people, ronso, viera, or any other species can work! Just be careful of child labor laws. In addition, your character doesn't have to just be from a video game. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within characters are up for claims, as are Final Fantasy: Advent Children characters. Any character appearing in something with the Final Fantasy name stamped onto it is eligible. Good guys, bad guys, it doesn't matter! Just play.

For more information on the game and how you can apply, please visit our website at http://www.mallboro.goatpen.org