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Mallboro's Current Events
World Reboot: Part 1 
7th-May-2011 02:30 pm
The combination of time compression and the Void has caused the Chaos Realm to collapse in on itself and scatter its residents everywhere. The Void began to merge with other worlds to consume them all into one location, however, due to the presence of the crystals, the worlds were unable to fully merge. The consumed cities were copied to the Chaos Realm in the same general location, causing most of the cities and technology to be ruined. This location became known as The Dump.

During the merge, several random people (unnamed, unimportant people) were also transported to the realm. As so many came from such different backgrounds, several factions began to form. The factions divided themselves and took control of the major cities that remained. Once in control of the different ghost towns of the world, the factions began taking parts from The Dump and building their own societies based on those towns. With the world still time compressed, this work took centuries, but to those outside the compression it was mere seconds.

The compression finally ended when the factions each uncovered one of the Light Crystals and restored them to power. This caused each of the factions to gain tremendous power and develop their own civilizations, while also causing the destruction of the time compression and the Void. With these gone, the portals to the different worlds were ripped open once again and access to the Chaos Realm is once again possible!

============= What To Do =============

At this point, people can re-enter the Chaos Realm, but they cannot actually reach the mall just yet (we'll get there; just have patience). The portals to the Chaos Realm are all centered in a large desert and people enter at completely random locations. All the people can see is that there is a large tower located in the center of the desert, which they can begin to migrate toward. The entire desert is surrounded by uncrossable mountains except at one point, which is well-guarded by immigration. Your goal at this point is to reach the tower, known as the "Crystal Tower." Once at the tower, you will be able to find food, water, lodging, and purchase a bus ticket that will (eventually) take you to Mallboro. But for now, this is a mini-event and further passage will be allowed soon (I'll announce that in "World Reboot: Part 2").
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