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Mallboro's Current Events
World Reboot: Part 2 
14th-May-2011 06:26 pm
The bus has finally come to take those waiting at the portals into the world. The world, however, is not as it was. Due to the time compression, the entire world has experienced several years in what felt to the characters as only a couple weeks. During the time compression, the Void caused some strange world-melding that caused technologies from all the different worlds to blend into the Chaos Realm. People began to band together as one, initially, but as ideas for a central form of government began to develop, the people became divided and instead created their own empires. There are now four large cities: Calamity, Prosperity, Augury, and Nirvana.

The inhabitants of this world have never heard of a shopping mall. None of the cities have a mall and the cities rarely sell anything outside their city's cultural norms. NORG has been in the Chaos Realm for awhile, though not as long as some inhabitants, and has been constructing a large building in the center of the three stationary cities. Many cities are curious about this new structure that is built outside any city's limits, but they are generally too concerned with their own affairs to investigate.

Your Task:

With the mall still closed, your characters are now free to explore the different cities and establish their homes. In this new world, there are not specific Apartments-types. Now, your characters are free to find any type of housing (house, apartment, box in an alley, etc.) in any of the four cities. See the Locations section of the website for more information on each of these cities. If desired, characters can live outside of all cities; it is entirely up to you.

The mall will be opening soon, so keep your eyes open. For now, find some housing and explore the world! Only one more section till the reboot is complete!
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