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Mallboro's Current Events
7th-Jul-2011 04:16 pm
It's raining, it's pouring, it's....inside the mall? Nobody is quite sure why, but there are giant, black storm clouds in the stores on the second floor of the mall. All stores on the second floor are being hit by large amounts of rain, and the dang rain never stops! Cover the merchandise! Quick!

First floor stores are safe then, right? PSH, yeah right! NORG never considered a rainstorm IN the mall! There's very little drainage in the mall, so while the first floor is generally rain-free, the rain is rolling out of the second-floor stores and over the ledge, where it is pooling on the first floor. It started out neat when the mall looked like it had fancy waterfalls installed on all the ledges of the second floor, but when the water didn't go anywhere, the flooding began. So it's a shower on the second floor and a bath on the first!

A little water never hurt anybody though, right?
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