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Mallboro's Current Events
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2nd-May-2011 10:51 pm - World Wipe: Part 3
Trio Attack
Laguna, NORG, and Shoe headed up to the mountains to watch the monumental battle between Chaos and Cosmos. Laguna carried his bag of crystals from Rinoa, though he was not entirely sure what he was going to do with them. They stood on the sidelines and watched as Chaos and two of his Minions faced off with Cosmos and her two Oracles. Laguna noticed several Minions that were prepared to ambush Cosmos in case she began to win. Laguna opened his mouth to speak, but NORG put his large, ugly, yellow hand over his mouth to silence him.

"The heck are these for..." Laguna muttered to himself. The combatants began to square off and an off-guard Laguna quickly realized he needed to take some notes, so he reached into the bag he'd thrown together just moments prior and rifled around inside. There were several crystals inside, but he paid them little attention as he looked for his pen and notepad. He finally pulled out a pen and what he thought was his notepad, but the pad was actually a copy of Mallboro Maniacs. He was about to toss it back in to find his notepad when he saw the date on the article.

"Wait, October? That's now. . . ." he muttered to himself. "I wrote this already?" He began reading through the article, which dictated exactly what was about to happen not only in the fight, but also as a result of the fight.

As he read, the fight began. NORG and Shoe were too busy watching the fight to notice that Laguna was not taking notes as he should be. He read the play-by-play and saw that everything in the article was coming true. Seeing this, he quickly skipped to the results, where he was not surprised to read that Cosmos would not win.

"What do I do?" Laguna said to himself. He took some crystals out of the bag, but still had no idea what to do with them. He saw that four of these crystals were very different from the rest. They were darkened versions of the four crystals the people of Mallboro had once helped to restore. He picked the crystals up and placed them back in the bag, leaving the other twenty or so crystals lying on the ground. He tried to think how he could use these four darkened likenesses of past crystals when, suddenly, the other twenty-some crystals began to glow.

Laguna stepped back, as did NORG and Shoe, who had now started paying attention to the crystals.

"What are those doing here!?" Chaos shouted just after dealing a crippling blow to Cosmos. His Minions were beginning to lurk out of hiding to fight NORG and Shoe so that Chaos could achieve total victory, but Chaos held his arm out for them to stop. "I got rid of those crystals!"

"What are they?" Laguna asked.


"LAGUNA!" Shoe added.

"He stole the crystals to use them for his purposes," Cosmos explained, though her body was too weak to support her. Her lips trembled as she spoke. "It is why I accepted this challenge to combat, even though it was a trap. Once he had the crystals--"

"Something about making the portals one-way, right?" Laguna said. "It umm, says it here in my future article."

"It does not matter," Chaos bellowed. "I will still claim the crystals and rule the middle-world! True power will be mine!"

"Not if we can help it!" six overly-enthusiastic voices suddenly shouted from the crystals. Just then, six warriors jumped out of the light: a fighter, a thief, a black belt, a red mage, a black mage, and a red mage.

"Not you again!" Chaos shouted. "No matter. Minions! Get them!"

A big, boring battle ensued with the Light Warriors and Chaos's forces, including Chaos himself. Cosmos smiled as the Light Warriors kicked the living crap out of Chaos.

"Damn I hate those guys," Chaos muttered. "But you'll never stop me. Nothing can stop me! If I die, Cosmos dies!"

"Why's that?" Laguna asked.

"It just is!" Chaos shouted. "The only way to stop me is using-- Whoa. I was about to say it. That would've been comical. Laugh, Minions!"

"They're all dead," Laguna said, pointing to the bloodied corpses.

"Oh. Still, I won't tell you how to stop me!"

"It's probably these," Laguna said, pulling the four dark crystals from the bag.

"Oh come on!" Chaos shouted. "Why do you know everything!? Oh wait, it's that future bitch, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah! That's probably why everybody has been frozen in time all day except for me, NORG, the moomba, and Rinoa! Time is compressed, isn't it?"

"Is that what that is?" Cosmos said. "I thought it was just because I was dying."


Laguna suddenly burst into action and pulled the four crystal from the bag.

"No! It'll trap Cosmos as well!" the Light Warriors shouted.

"So? She's been kind of annoying," Laguna said. "Sorry to be blunt. Err, I know you like her and all, but this world is ours! Chaos, Cosmos, they had their chance to rule back in your world. And I know NORG is weird and kinda sucks, but at least he gives us the freedom to do what we want."

NORG nodded with no argument to Laguna's opinion of him.

"So....Hiya!" Laguna threw the four crystals at Chaos. They collided with his chest, then fell on the ground. "That...was wrong, wasn't it?"

"You can't use them," Cosmos said. "Only....they can."

"She means us," Fighter Light Warrior replied.

"No, she means us," four voices shouted. Four viking-looking people shot through the crystals. They were dressed in dark clothing and pointed helmets. "We are the Dark Warriors!"

"This is stupid," Chaos mumbled. "It's like some dumb video game."

The Dark Warriors wasted no time in obtaining the dark crystals and sealing Chaos and Cosmos within them. The Light Warriors started to cry, then jumped back into the crystals to go back to their world.

"Wow, that was actually pretty easy," Laguna said to NORG.

"It was just what I wanted!" a female voice in the skies shouted. The Cloud of Darkness descended and, before Laguna could react, the skies went completely black."

2nd-May-2011 05:50 pm - World Wipe: Part 1
Kaos Realm, listen well! Whatever you're doing, you're doing terribly! Kan't you defeat a simple sewer-sahagin? My toilets are still backing up! And why the hell didn't you restore Kosmos? Didn't you idiots realize yet that the balance between Kaos and Kosmos is what allows the world to exist!? Or do you like the Void? At least tell me you've konsidered finding the dark krystals!?

I kan't take this anymore. I'm taking matters into my own hands. Or rather, Rinoa's hands! She will make everything right and then maybe I kan go to the damn bathroom!
2nd-Mar-2011 02:54 pm - The Arena: Monster Training Results
Cecil Shop (SoE)
Here are your results: http://arena.goatpen.org/tournaments/Training/

ResultsCollapse )

And that's all. To those of you that won: Congratulations! To those that didn't, better luck next time!
Main pic
With the recent information that a repeat attempt at defeating the Sahagin in the hunt has appeared, I figured it was time we analyzed how to best defeat this deadly opponent.

Read more...Collapse )

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming training and hunt events!
 Blitz Talk XXVI: Interview with a new coach
by Locke Cole
It's Back!Collapse )
21st-Feb-2011 03:31 pm - Arena Spotlight Part 4
Main pic
Ok, here's an article I thought I'd posted a long time ago, around the time of the last tournament, but looking over the Mallboro Maniacs archives and our LiveJournal page I guess I was wrong about that one!  These questions were asked to Cecil prior to the tournament in December, who was at the time a newcomer to the Arena scene.  As such, some of the questions may seem out of date, but he provided some really useful information regarding certain skills, particularly Barefist, which everyone here should know about.  So without further ado, let's delve into this belated interview with Cecil!

Read more...Collapse )

19th-Feb-2011 12:51 am - The Arena: Monster Training
Cecil Shop (SoE)
It's time again to train! Come one, come all and fight some monsters! Check the Training Section of the website if you forgot what it's all about. So comment here with your gambits (if they've changed) and decide who you'll partner up with (if anybody). Remember: teaming up means splitting the EXP, but sometimes that means you can take on stronger, more EXPlicious baddies! Hope to see you there!

As a note: Mr. Orlandu has asked that I host some training because he's irritated about the ongoing plumbing issues that everybody failed to correct on the last hunt. He wants you tougher so that you can finally beat that Sahagin, so expect the Sahagin hunt to resume shortly after the monster training.
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